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Tea Parties

aren't just for girls anymore!

Sweet Chateau has made the age old event of High Tea time not just for girls anymore.
 Famous actors such as "Fred Astaire" and Fabulous movies such as "The Great Gasby" and the inspiring and glamous "Breakfast at Tiffany's  has made tea time not only non-gender specfic but classy and sophisticated event.  Great for birthdays, baby showers, church socials, intimate picnics, wedding proposals or just simply because "I love you"  you choose occassion an you will be delighted.
 Tea Parties can be enjoyed by any age 7- 77 and beyond. Tea has a wealth of health benefits as well as your children can learn the etiquettes of HighTea Time.  Teaching our young men to be mannerable gentlemen among are priceless qualities.  Tea time events will cultivate and create a long lasting learning experience, while bringing your childs imagination to life.
Your child could have a Royal Tea Party with elegant, gourmet bites and the gorgeous vintage inspired decorations in rich bold hues.  While dressing as Prince & Prinesses at the Grand Ball your child will be in a fairy tale come true. You could also choose to embark on a adventure as Pirates, Maidtrons and Fairy's on the High Seas. Decorations of the tropical mystical Islands with storytelling and a Great Feast!  Even a trendy salon  20's style High Tea Room with games and Gangsters about.  Which ever theme you choose, we will create a one of a kind experience, created especially for your child's dream.
"Be the envy of your friends with such a creative event". 
  See the details of Victoria Thompson's Sweet Chateau Style of theme parties.  Taste the difference of our designer novelty theme cakes, cupcakes and pastries.
Consider A Sweet Chateau Theme Tea Party for your next event
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"Travel the world of Fantasy & Make Believe, brought to you by Sweet Chateau!"
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Tea Parties

Aren't just for girls anymore